For more than 40 years the coffee shops in the Netherlands are a unique model for smokers all over the world.


The best coffee shops in the Jordaan and the Pijp,
The worst coffee shops in the red light district.

Welcome all Amsterdam lovers

For a good 50%-50% or mainly Indica strain of weed ( White Widow, Northern Lights, BLUEBERRY, etc ) you should pay about 8-10 € per gram.

For a mainly Sativa strain of weed (Silver Haze, New York Diesel, G-13) you will probably need to pay between 10-12 € per gram.

For a simple (Afghan, Maroc, Nepal) hash you will pay about 6-7 € per gram, but prices get really silly for some of the ice hash, we’ve seen it for 20 €+ per gram.

For Cali sTRAINS about 28 €per Gr.

up to 50€/gr for special hash.


Around Amsterdam, prices are lowest in Haarlem, Zandvoort, Alkmaar, the choice is the same, but the quality is often better!

  • Betty Too 2020 august
  • Stud 2020 august
  • Coffeeshop Amsterdam 2020 august
  • Coffeeshop Amsterdam 2020 august
  • Stud 2020 august
  • Coffeeshop Amsterdam 2020 october
  • Resin 2020 august
  • Kadinsky 2020 july
  • paradox 2020 july
  • freedom 2020 july
  • 137 coffeeshop 2020 july
  • gelderse 2020 july
  • Stud 2020 july
  • 1e Hulp 2020 july
  • Tweede Kamer 2020 july
  • Coffeeshop Amsterdam 2020 july
  • Chapiteau 2020 july
  • Johnny 2020 july
  • Plug 2020 july
  • new times 2020 july
  • het ballonnetje 2020 july
  • blue lagoon 2020 july
  • popeye 2020 july
  • de watersnip 2020 july
  • Corner 2020 july
  • Tweede Kamer 2020 july
  • Coffeeshop Amsterdam 2020 july
  • Stud 2020 july
  • Club Media 2020 june
  • Superskunk 2020 june
  • Terminator 2020 june

Coffee shop Abraxas, Bulldog, Greenhouse, De Dampkring, Basjoe, 1e Hulp, Barney’s, Bluebird, Rookies, Kadinsky, Popeye, Sibérië, Betty Too, Prix d’Ami, Katsu, are on the best but there are so many other coffee shops to discover by strolling…

About 167 coffeeshops in ( Coffeeshops Rules )The Red Light District, located in the area known as Wallen, dates date to the 13th century.
Live sex shows, peep shows, gays bars, fetish, piercing & tattoos shops, coffee shops are busy and funny.

You can book your accommodation without breakfast, which are often expensive for average quality.
Amsterdam offers many places that will guarantee you a delicious breakfast for a lower price.
Otherwise you can always buy your food in store food such as Albert Heijn or Hema. The quality and choice are waiting for you.

Smoking in Amsterdam. Many hotels are non-smoking but offer rooms with balcony and windows that open. But this is not always indicated in the room description.
However superior rooms and executive rooms most often this service. See users reviews before your booking!

The Warmoesstraat is the one of the oldest streets in the city with coffeeshop, restaurant, sexshop and much variety chops. Small side streets around Nieuwendijk will you lead up to Kalverstraat, THE most crispy street shopping.

Reguliersdwarsstraat several gay bars and clubs. Next Muntplein, Bloemenmarkt ( Flowermarket )
The main pedestrianised shopping streets are Leidsestraat, Kalverstraat and Nieuwendijk.

Amsterdam also plays host to exclusives shopping area like PC Hoofstraat, Spiegelstraat, Van Baerlestraat, and The Nine Streets, located between Jordaan ,Vondelpark, and Rijksmuseum.

Most stores open at around 10:am, later on Monday mornings, close at 6:pm,5:pm on Saturdays.
Thursday is late night shopping with most shops staying open until 9:pm.
First time visitors will probably be amazed at the amount of bicycles on the city’s streets

It’s simply the most popular way for local to commute and it’s also an ideal way to see the city but tram and buses are useful. Most hotels offer bike rental.