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Amsterdam King’s Day Friday 27 April 2018

King’s Day in Amsterdam / Friday 27 April 2018

King’s Day ( Formerly Queen’s Day ) is the annual Dutch national holiday in honor of King Willem-Alexander.

If you like parties, make sure your visit to Amsterdam coincides with April 27 2018.

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Amsterdam where an average of 700.000 visitors join the 822.000+ locals in the world’s largest street party!

king's day amsterdam 2016 kashmir lounge amsterdam
king’s day amsterdam 2018 kashmir lounge amsterdam

king's day amsterdam 2016

THE king's day amsterdam 2016
THE king’s day amsterdam 2016
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Street carnival, dancing and singing combined with the open air free market, selling and buying of all kinds of small objects by almost all Amsterdam citizens.
Traditionally the reigning monarch portraits are on display and streets are decorated with national Dutch flags and the color of orange, the traditional color of the monarchy and the symbol of Dutch patriotism.
Many any people dress up as the King or wear the King’s insignia, while almost all try to have an orange accent in their clothing.
This is also the day to eat in the streets exotic food Indonesian, Surinamese, Moroccan or Turkish and drink beer or orange juice.

King’s night
Festivities start already in the evening before the King’s Day, called appropriately the King’s Night.
Amsterdam clubs organize during the King’s Night special parties and concerts.
Celebrations continue to the morning of the King’s Day, and often do not stop for another whole day.
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Kingsday Street Market / Free market (Vrije markt)
The Dutch, traditionally the nation of sailors and merchants, celebrate their most important national holiday with selling and buying of small unnecessary objects from their households.
The prices are mostly symbolic. Starting as early as 7 A.M., the whole city center becomes a street market.
Most of people are selling their stuff directly in front of their house.
Fun is the most important here – do not expect to buy anything of value.
The tradition is to negotiate about the price and it happens, especially when children are trading, that buyer raises the price to show the playful character of this festive business.
Market activities peak at 11 A.M. and end around 4 P.M.

Boat Parade / King’s Day on the canals
A festive boat parade takes place for several hours in early afternoon, usually along the Prinsengracht canal.
People dance on boats and on the shore.
Sometimes some boats stop at the shore and will be willing to invite you to their floating party. Check the actual info for the boat parade parkour.
Different Amsterdam areas on the King’s Day
In different parts of the city the festivities take different course of action:

Kingsday Street Performers Museumplein / pop concerts
Museumplein is a traditional place for a big open air pop and disco music festival.
A crowd of young people is listening, often camping on the grass of the square.
Vondelpark / kids market
Vondelpark becomes on the King’s Day the free market for kids. Only children may sell here their toys and books.
Children are performing here on different instruments they learn to play at school or at home. It is a custom to admire them all, also those who are just the absolute beginners.
Jordaan – crowded market with folk singers music
The old area of the Jordaan, traditionally poor district of the city but now trendy Amsterdam area, becomes on the King’s Day most crowded free market area.
Many folk singers are performing popular Amsterdam songs directly in the streets.
South Amsterdam / the biggest market
Area close to the streets Beethovenstraat, Stadionweg and Apollolaan in South Amsterdam (Amsterdam Zuid) becomes on King’s Day the biggest street market, with most of the shopkeepers opening their special King’s Day stands there.
Westermarkt and Reguliersdwaarstraat / Gay parties
The most important gay parties are held on the Westermarkt at the Homo Monument and at the Reguliersdwarsstraat, where gay clubs are, in a 10 minutes walking distance from Leidseplein.
Dancing there will usually start already in an evening before, during the King’s Night. 

king's day damrak amsterdam 2015
king’s day damrak amsterdam 2015

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Kingsday 2014 Haarlemmerstraat

Kingsday 2014 RookiesQueen’s Day became with the succession on the Dutch Throne by Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands the King’s Day (Dutch: Koningsdag), celebrated on the day of His Majesty Birthday on April 27 each year. If this day falls on Sunday, the King’s Day will be celebrated on the Saturday day before!



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