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I discovered Arnhem in 1978 during my first trip to Amsterdam. Quality and prices were already much more attractive than in Amsterdam.

There was no official coffeeshops, what were the squats on Sonsbeeksingek with wild panels painted in large letters “hashish” AND ARROW TO INDICATE THE DIRECTION.

You could taste all the KINDS OF hashish ( no weed, just sometimes thai weed or jamaican weed ) before you make the market and go smoke in the wonderful Sonsbeeck Park.

But I had usually go to the Prix d’Ami and De Rokerij, ( all the Rokerij are closed ) sometimes to Melweg where there was good music and good hashish. But Arnhem was quieter … Discover the real fantastic story coffeeshops in the Netherlands. You can go to Nijmegen, cool city, quite near to the German border like Arnhem.


Lange Hezelstraat 113 / Coffeeshop Dakota

Smetiusstraat 13 / Coffeeshop ‘t Wonder

van Welderenstraat 96 / Coffeeshop Jamaica

Vlaamsegas 36 / Coffeeshop Kronkel +++++ best

Coffeeshop Lucky Luke

Vlaamsegas 40 / Coffeeshop Dreadlock & Jetset ++++

Kannenmarkt 9 / Coffeeshop Kruidentuin

2e Walstraat 108/ Coffeeshop ‘t Kunsje +++++ 

t’kunsje 2018 march

2e Walstraat 161 / Coffeeshop Lucky Luke

Kelfkensbos 46 / Coffeeshop Headshop

Platenmakersstraat 8/ Coffeeshop Smoke-Buggy

labda-labda-2016-september( closed )

De Ruyterstraat 19 / Coffeeshop Ketama

Prins Bernhardstraat 71 / Coffeeshop De Wedren

Hotels in Arnhem Hotels in Arnhem Hotels in Nijmegen

COFFEESHOPS ARNHEM coffeeshop-locator

Beekstraat 12 / Coffeeshop Upstairs ++++

upstairs arnhem 2016 7 /7 jours 09:00 - 24:00
upstairs arnhem 2016
7 /7 jours
09:00 – 24:00

Beekstraat 83 / Coffeeshop Omigo +++ best hash in arnhem

upstairs coffeeshop arnhem
upstairs coffeeshop arnhem
coffeeshop upstairs coffeeshop omigo beekstraat arnhem
coffeeshop upstairs coffeeshop omigo beekstraat arnhem
upstairs coffeeshop map arnhem
upstairs coffeeshop map arnhem

Varkensstraat 3 / Coffeeshop SpeakEasy +++

Munterstraat 4 / Coffeeshop Joint Venture +++

Oude Oeverstraat 6 / Coffeeshop Happy Days ++

coffeeshop happy days arnhem
coffeeshop happy days arnhem
coffeehop speak easy, coffeeshop joint venture
coffeehop speak easy, coffeeshop joint venture

Hommelseweg 5 / Coffeeshop De Pinguin ++

Hommelseweg 19 / Coffeeshop Zero Zero +++

coffeeshops sonsbeeksingek arnhem
coffeeshops sonsbeeksingel + coffeeshops hommelseweg in Arnhem
sonsbeeksingel arnhem
sonsbeeksingel arnhem

Sonsbeeksingel 91 / Coffeeshop Lucky Luke +++

Sonsbeeksingel 101 / Coffeeshop THC +++

Sonsbeeksingel 115 / Coffeeshop De Walm ++++ 

next to sonsbeeksingel arnhem
next to sonsbeeksingel arnhem

Driekoningenstraat 21 / Coffeeshop Uncle Sam ++

coffeeshop uncle sam arnhem
coffeeshop uncle sam arnhem

Bud Haze

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Amsterdam Coffeeshops Maps 2019

amsterdam MAP COFFEE SHOP 

coffeeshop map amsterdam

carte coffeeshop amsterdam 2019


White Gold Feminised 

Northern Lights Feminised


Cannabis Seeds

Hotel De Koopermoolen Amsterdam

Hotel De Mallemoolen Amsterdam

Hotel Internationaal Amsterdam

The Toren Amsterdam
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#Coffeeshopamsterdam.net#Weed #Weedporn #W420 #PartyTime #SmokeOut #BaseBallBat #GiantJoint #HighLife #HighGrade #HighQuality #Connoisseur #CoffeeshopLife #CoffeeshopCulture #Coffeeshop1eHulp #Amsterdam #StonersParadise #BestInTown
TIP : buy a day ticket for 7.50 Euros 
to hop on and off all day 
to visit the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. 
Coffeeshops Tram 2 : 
Museumplein with the Stedelijk Museum, 
the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum 
next Vondelpark, Leidseplein and 
then ride on to the Paleis op de Dam,
Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam Royal Palace. 
From Leidseplein to Dam goes right through 
the historic centre of Amsterdam, 
The Red Light District ( De Wallen )
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Blue Bird / Sint Antoniesbreestraat 71 / tram 9, 14 

map coffeeshop blue bird amsterdam
map coffeeshop blue bird amsterdam, coffeeshop basjoe, coffeeshop bagheera, ricks coffeeshop, rusland coffeeshop
Hunter's Bros / Waterlandplein 7 / bus 30, 32 

bus hunters coffeeshop
bus hunter’s coffeeshop
Coffeeshop The Stud / Molukkenstraat 581 / bus 40, 65 

coffeeshop the stud
coffeeshop the stud
 Flower Power / Rozengracht 139 / tram 13, 14, 17 

coffeeshop flower power
coffeeshop flower power
Easy Times 2017 july
Easy Times / Prinsengracht 476 / tram 1, 2, 5 

Easy Times Coffeeshop 2017 december
coffeeshop easy times
coffeeshop easy times
Greenhouse /Tolstraat 9 / tram 9, 14

coffeeshop greenhouse tolstraat 91
coffeeshop greenhouse tolstraat 91

Greenhouse Centrum / Oudezijds Voorburgwal 191 tram 4, 9, 14, 16, 24

map coffeeshop greenhouse centrum amsterdam
map coffeeshop greenhouse centrum amsterdam, coffeeshop kadinsky, coffeeshop rusland, coffeeshop new times
Greenhouse Effect / Warmoesstraat 53-55 / tram 4, 9, 14, 16, 24 

coffeeshop greenhouse centrum
coffeeshop greenhouse centrum
 Greenhouse Namaste / Waterlooplein 345 / tram 4, 9, 14, 16, 24 ( the best of greenhouse )

coffeeshop greenhouse namaste waterlooplein 345
coffeeshop greenhouse namaste waterlooplein 345
 Green Place / Kloveniersburgwal 4 / tram 9, 14 

coffeeshop green place
coffeeshop green place
Grey Area / Oude Leliestraat 2 / tram 1, 2, 5, 9, 13, 16, 17 

Grey Area 2017 DECEMBER
Grey Area 2017 july
coffeeshop grey area
coffeeshop grey area
map coffeeshop 1er hulp amsterdam
coffeeshop 1er hulp, coffeeshop the spirit, coffeeshop siberie, coffeeshop de supermarkt, coffeeshop Amnesia
Amnesia / Herengracht 133 / tram 1, 2, 5, 9, 13, 16, 17

coffeeshop amnesia
coffeeshop amnesia
a large choice hash 1er hulp coffeeshop amsterdam 2015
a large choice hash 1e hulp coffeeshop amsterdam 2017
 Coffeeshop 1e Hulp ( Eerste Hulp ) /  Marnixstraat 194 / tram 10, 13, 14, 17
Original G13
Original G13
Grape Fruit Diesel‬ 2015
Grape Fruit Diesel‬ 2015
coffeeshop 1er hulp
coffeeshop 1e hulp
De Dampkring / Handboogstraat 29 / tram 4, 9, 14, 16, 24 

map best friends coffeeshop + coffeeshop de dampkring centrum amsterdam
map best friends coffeeshop, coffeeshop de dampkring centrum amsterdam, coffeeshop flower power, coffeeshop la tertulia, coffeeshop de tweede kamer, coffeeshop goa, coffeeshop magic
amsterdam de pijp map coffeeshops, katsu, club media, ibiza, roxy, carmona D&L, de graal, amsterdam 2015
amsterdam de pijp map coffeeshops, katsu, club media, ibiza, roxy, carmona, D&L, de graal, amsterdam 2018
Club Media / Gerard Doustraat 83-85 / tram 16, 24 

Club Media Weed 2017
coffeeshop johnny
coffeeshop johnny
Katsu / 1e van der Helststraat 70 / tram 16, 24
Johnny / Elandsgracht 3 / tram 7, 10 
Kadinsky / Rosmarijnsteeg 9 / tram 1, 2, 5 
Coffeeshop Vondel ( ex De Tijd, ex Tuintje ) / Overtoom 451 / tram 1
map coffeeshop vondel
Sweet Smoke! 

Tous les coffeeshops à Amsterdam. 
Liste par nom et adresse des cannabis coffee shop. 
All coffeeshops in Amsterdam.
List by names and addresses of cannabis coffee shop.

   Amsterdam tram 2015
coffeeshop greenhouse amsterdam 2015
coffeeshop greenhouse amsterdam 2015


Original G13
Original G13
Lemon Kush
Lemon Kush
Knightsbridge OG
Knightsbridge OG
Enemy of the State
Enemy of the State
Bubba Kush
Bubba Kush
Sweet & Sour
Sweet & Sour
Tidghine Ketema
Tidghine Ketema
puff puff amsterdam 2015
puff puff coffeeshop 1er hulp amsterdam 2015
Purple Cheese
Purple Cheese
BubbleGum 2016
Afghan Gold Stamp 2015
Afghan Gold Stamp 2015
Himalaya Gold Party Package
Himalaya Gold Party Package 2015
Himalaya Gold
Himalaya Gold 2015
Smoking Table Abraxas Coffeeshop
Wheelchair Friendly Smoking Table Abraxas Coffeeshop
Coffeeshop Abraxas is now open again 20/03/2015
Coffeeshop Abraxas is now open again 20/03/2015
GrapeFruit 2015
GrapeFruit 2015
Grey Area Coffeeshop
Grey Area Coffeeshop
Hunter Amsterdam
Hunter’s Bros Filiaal Amsterdam 3 coffeeshops same staff
la grotte
La Grotte Smoker Friendly Breakfast Bar Haarlemmerstraat 34 
Top Tidgin
Top Tidgin
bicycle amsterdam parking bicycle amsterdam

El Yamama / closed 2014
Gouden Boon /closed since 2014
Pick up the Pieces / closed 2015
The Power / closed since 1 July 2014
Ocean / closed since 1 July 2014
Freeworld / closed since 1 april 2015
Bulldog Lounge / closed Janury 2015
Anyday / closed down 1 january 2015
The Doors Palace / closed 2014
Ben / closed 1.7.2014
Stones Corner / closed 2015
Baba / closed 2015 move to Barentszstraat 130 ( open )
Het Oerwoud / closed 2015
Sheeba / closed 2015
Route 66 / smoker only
Stones Cafe / smoker only
The Bassment / closed 2015
Blues Brothers / closed
Funny People / closed 2013 (a SMOKER café now)
Twilight Zone / closed 1.1.2014
Coffeeshop 36 / closed since fall 2013
Speak Easy / closed since 1.1.2014
Highway / closed 1.1.2014, 
Freeland / closed since 2013
Greenhouse Effect / moved to the Nieuwmarkt
Speak Easy / closed since 1.1.2014
Het Oerwoud / closed december 2014
High Time / closed April 2015

Coffeeshop Abraxas / Spuistraat 51 ( closed )


Andalucia / Halvemaansteeg 1 

map to coffeeshop andalucia from coffeeshop basjoe 2
map to coffeeshp kashmir from coffeeshop basjoe 2
Abraxas Jonge Roelensteeg 12-14  

coffeeshops in Canals Amsterdam
coffeeshops in Canals Amsterdam
map abraxas amsterdam
map abraxas amsterdam
  • Baba Warmoesstraat 64 closed 2016 move to:
  • Baba / Barentszstraat 130 tram 3 
    Baba 2017 august
    map coffeeshop baba amsterdam
    map coffeeshop baba amsterdam
    Babylon ( ex Joy Stick and Kingston ) Beursstraat 27
  • Bagheera Kloveniersburgwal 60
  • Basjoe Kloveniersburgwal 62
  • Bagheera Coffeeshop 2017 december
  • Coffeeshop Bagheera next Basjoe and Rusland ( the best! )
    / Basjoe 2 Amstelveenseweg 61 II/ Ballonnetje Roetersstraat 12
    Het Ballonnetje 2017 july
    / Balou Halvemaansteeg 5 / Barentsz Barentszstraat 130 

    map de dampkring 2 haarlemmerstraat 44
    map de dampkring 2 haarlemmerstraat 44 next to barney’s
  • Coffeeshop Barney’s Haarlemmerstraat 102  
  • Barney’s Farm Haarlemmerstraat 98 
  • Barney’s Uptown Haarlemmerstraat 98 
  • Barney’s Lounge Reguliersgracht 27
  • Amsterdamned / Haarlemmerstraat 8
    map coffeeshop barney's amsterdam
    map coffeeshop barney’s, coffeeshop popeye, coffeeshop 137, coffeeshop dampkring, coffeeshop t’keteltje
    / Barraka Gravenstraat 9 / Bassment Oudezijds Achterburgwal 61 / Ben Kolksteeg 10 / Best Friends Molukkenstraat 31
    / Best Friends II ( Ex Xtreme, Het Wonder and Down Under) Huidenstraat 13a 

    coffeeshops in Canal Amsterdam
    coffeeshops in Canal Amsterdam
  • Betty Too Reguliersdwarsstraat 29
    blackstar coffeeshop amsterdam
    blackstar coffeeshop amsterdam
    / Biba Hazenstraat 15 / Bij ( ex Volle pond ) Bonairestraat 78 / Black Star Rozengracht 1a 
    / Blue Bird Sint Antoniesbreestraat 71
    map coffeeshop blue bird amsterdam
    map coffeeshop blue bird amsterdam
    / Blue Lagoon Overtoom 342 / Blue Sea Van Woustraat 87 / Blues Brothers Nieuwendijk 89 / Bommel Balboastraat 19
    / Border Amstelveenseweg 1160 / Boerejongens Baarsjesweg 239 

    coffeeshop boerejongens, coffeeshop kashmir lounge, coffeeshop crush, coffeeshop easy times
    coffeeshop boerejongens, coffeeshop kashmir lounge, coffeeshop crush, coffeeshop easy times
  • Bros Waterlandplein 24 / Bronx ( ex Brandend Zand ) Marnixstraat 92 / Bulldog Oudezijds Voorburgwal 88-90 /
  • Bulldog Energy Oudezijds Voorburgwal 218 / Bulldog lounge Spuistraat 7  ( closed january 2015 )/ Bulldog Mack Oudezijds Voorburgwal 132 / Bulldog Palace Leidseplein 17
    coffeeshop vondel, coffeshop the bulldog leidseplein
    coffeeshop vondel, coffeshop the bulldog leidseplein
    / Bulldog Rockshop Singel 12
    / Bullwacki Woestduinstraat 76 / Bunkertje ‘t Rietwijkerstraat 34 / Bushdoctor Thorbeckeplein 28  
    coffeeshop the bushdocter Amstel ( next to Flowert Market Muntplein )
    coffeeshop the bushdocter Amstel ( next to Flowert Market Muntplein )
    coffeeshop the bushdocter Thorbeckeplein
    coffeeshop the bushdocter Thorbeckeplein

    map bushdoctor amsterdam
    map coffeeshop bushdocter amsterdam, coffeeshop the rookies, coffeeshop het ballonnetje
  • Bushdoctor Amstel 36 / Bushman ( ex De Oude Kerk ) Oudezijds Voorburgwal 47 ( CLOSED 2012 )
  • Carmona 2e Jan van der Heijdenstraat 43
    map coffeeshops de pijp 2015
    coffeeshop katsu, coffeeshop club media, coffeeshop carmona, coffeeshop de kabouter, coffeeshops albert cuypstraat market amsterdam
    Catch 33 Nassaukade 33 / Central Prins Hendrikkade 89 / Challenger Jan van Galenstraat 147 / Chapiteau Van Boetzelaerstraat 31
    / Cheech & Chong’s De Clercqstraat 30 / City Hall Oudezijds Voorburgwal 189 / Club Media Gerard Doustraat 83-85 / Coffeeshop 1e Hulp ( Eerste Hulp ) Marnixstraat 194 

    coffeeshops in Jordaan Amsterdam
    coffeeshops in Jordaan Amsterdam
  • Coffeeshop 137 ( Sturgis ) Brouwersgracht 137 / Coffeeshop 156 Hudsonstraat 156 ( click full size ) 
  • see all last menus coffeeshops amsterdam/ Coffeeshop 36 Warmoesstraat 36 ( CLOSED June 2013 ) / Coffeeshop 96 Jan Pieter Heijestraat 96 / Coffeeshop Free Adam Oude Hoogstraat 13 / Millennium ( ex Costa Blanca ) Jan Hanzenstraat 109 / Crash Light Pretoriusstraat 67 / Crush Marnixstraat 383 

    coffeeshop in red light district Amsterdam
    coffeeshop in red light district Amsterdam
  • De Dampkring Handboogstraat 29/ Coffeeshop Amsterdam ( Dampkring II )  Haarlemmerstraat 44
    map coffeeshop amsterdam
    / De Republiek 2e Nassaustraat 1a / De Bovenkamer 2e J. Van Campenstraat 90 / De Graal Albert Cuypstraat 25 / De Kabouter Ruysdaelkade 145 / D & L Govert Flinckstraat 323 / De Kade Stadionkade 107
    De Keeper Van Woustraat 193 / De Kuil ( 420 Café ) Oudebrugsteeg 27 / De Prijs Surinamestraat 7 

    map coffeeshop de kade tram 16
    map coffeeshop de kade tram 16
  • De Rokerij Amstel 8 / De Rokerij Singel 8 / De Rokerij Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 41 /De Rokerij Elandsgracht 53 ( all Rokerij are CLOSED 12.03.2012 ) / Dolphins Kerkstraat 39 / Double Reggae Nieuwendijk 32 / Dread Rock Oudezijds Voorburgwal 67 / Dutch Flowers now call 420cafe Singel 387 

    420cafe ex dutch flowers singel
    420cafe ex dutch flowers singel
  • Easy Times Prinsengracht 476 / El Guapo Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 32 /   Eastwood Pieter Vlamingstraat 286
  • El Marssa Witte de Withstraat 106 / El Yamama 1e Oosterparkstraat 47 ( closed ) / Extase Oude Hoogstraat 2 ( CLOSED September 2011 )
  • Feels Good Oudezijds Voorburgwal 36 / Flash Back Hudsonstraat 138 / Flower Power Rozengracht 139 / Free Adam Oude Hoogstraat 13 ( CLOSED 2012 ) / Free I Reguliersdwarsstraat 70 / Freedom Van Hogendorpstraat 201 / Freeland Lange Niezel 27 / Freeworld Nieuwendijk 30 / Funky Munkey ( ex Softland 2 ) Marnixstraat 333 / Funny People ( no coffeeshop but smoker friendly snack bar eat and drink ) NieuweBrugsteeg 24
  • Get Down to It Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 77-79
    coffeeshop get it down to it amsterdam
    Het Gelderse Geldersekade 54 / Gierenest ‘t Amstelveenseweg 61 / Goa Coffeeshop Kloveniersburgwal 42
    coffeeshop rusland, coffeeshop bagheera, coffeeshop goa, coffeeshop green place
    coffeeshop rusland, coffeeshop bagheera, coffeeshop goa, coffeeshop green place
    Gouden Boon Da Costastraat 51 / Grasshopper Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 59 ( Closed June 2014 ) / Grasshopper Oudebrugsteeg 16 ( closed January 2014 )
  • Greenhouse Lounge Haarlemmerstraat 64 / Greenhouse Tolstraat 9
    map coffeeshop greenhouse centrum amsterdam
    map coffeeshop greenhouse centrum amsterdam
    Greenhouse Centrum Oudezijds Voorburgwal 191 / Greenhouse Effect Warmoesstraat 53-55 / Greenhouse Namaste Waterlooplein 345 / Green Place Kloveniersburgwal 4 / Grey Area Oude Leliestraat 2
  • Happy Days Amsteldijk 139 / Happy Feelings ( ex Global Chillage ) Kerkstraat 51 
    map coffeeshop happy feelings amsterdam tram 1 2 5
    map coffeeshop happy feelings amsterdam tram 1 2 5
    Happy People Dapperstraat 2
    map happy people
    Heavenly Knollendamstraat 5 / Het Filiaal Papaverweg 2 / Het Oerwoud Warmoesstraat 70 / Het Wolkje Vechtstraat 9 / High School Van Rensselaerstraat 12 / High Time Jan van Galenstraat 49 / High Time Wijde Kerksteeg 3 
  • Highway Lange Niezel 25 / Hill Street Blues Warmoesstraat 52A / Hill Street Blues Nieuwmarkt 14 / Hollywood Nieuwendijk 1 / Homegrown Fantasy Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 87a ( Closed 2014 ) / Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 132 Coffeeshop Utopia
    map coffeeshop utopia THE PLUG
    Hugo ( formerly called Hugo De Groot ) Frederik Hendrikstraat 123 
     Hunter’s Bar Warmoesstraat 24 / Hunter’s ( ex The Coin ) Warmoesstraat 37 ( closed 2015 )
  • Ibiza Hemonystraat 16 / Jabba Achillesstraat 104 / Johnny Elandsgracht 3 / Jolly Joker Nieuwmarkt 4a 

    map kadinsky amsterdam
    map kadinsky amsterdam
  • Kashmir Jan Pieter Heijestraat 82 / Kashmir Lounge Jan Pieter Heijestraat 85-87 
    coffeehop kashmir tram 17
    coffeehop kashmir tram 17
    Katsu 1e van der Helststraat 70 
    map katsu coffeeshop
    map katsu coffeeshop
    map coffeeshops de pijp 2015
    coffeeshop katsu, coffeeshop club media
    Kroon de Oudebrugsteeg 26 / Kroon 2 Rietwijkerstraat 30 / Kadinsky Rosmarijnsteeg 9
    Kadinsky ( ex Cum Laude ) Langebrugsteeg 7a / Kadinsky ( ex Front Page ) Zoutsteeg 14
  • Kadinsky Coffeeshop
    3 Locations:
    Zoutsteeg 14
    Rosmarijnsteeg 9
    Langebrugsteeg 7A
    Opening hours:
    Mon-Sun 9:30am-1am
  • La Tertulia Prinsengracht 312/ La Grotte Smoker Friendly Breakfast Bar Haarlemmerstraat 34 / Little Coffeeshop Vijzelgracht 47 / Los Angeles 3e Oosterparkstraat 142 / Lucifera Frederik Hendrikstraat 22 / Loft Jan van Galenstraat 285 / 
  • Lost in Amsterdam / Nieuwendijk 19
     Smoker's bar.
     Alcohol is available and the clientele are quite young even though the furniture looks from the 1960s.
     It's quite big with five distinct zones. At the front is the bar area with a further seating area behind.
     Steps below the rear windows provide access to a small terrace outside.
     Downstairs is a further area leading to a small room beneath the terrace with a large table. 
  • Magic Herengracht 287
    coffeeshop magic amsterdam canal herengracht
    coffeeshop magic amsterdam canal herengracht
    Marbella Ernest Staesstraat 55 / Massawa Chassestraat 4 / Mediterrannee Spuistraat 80 / Melilla Agatha Dekenstraat 40 / Mellow Yellow Vijzelgracht 33 / Mr. K’S ( ex Sanementereng ) 2e Laurierdwarsstraat 44 

    map COFFEESHOP MrK & Co amsterdam 2e Laurierwarsstraat 44
    map COFFEESHOP MrK & Co amsterdam 2e Laurierwarsstraat 44
  • Monaco Spuistraat 118
  • Nachtegaal Krugerplein 22 / New York Linnaeusstraat 83 / Nice Place Van Ostadestraat 290 / Nogal Wiedes Czaar Peterstraat 122 / New Times Spuistraat 260 

    map best friends coffeeshop + coffeeshop de dampkring centrum amsterdam
    map best friends coffeeshop + coffeeshop de dampkring centrum + coffeeshop Mr.K amsterdam
  • Old Amsterdam Amstelstraat 35/ Ooiervaartje ‘t Ooievaarsweg 10 / Overkant Hortus Nieuwe Herengracht 71
    coffeeshop old amsterdam, coffeeshop the saint, coffeeshop the bushdoctor, coffeeshop hortus de overkant
    coffeeshop old amsterdam, coffeeshop the saint, coffeeshop the bushdoctor, coffeeshop hortus de overkant
    Ocean ( ex Midnight-Express ) Dusartstraat 57
  • Picasso Haarlemmerstraat 8 / Pacific Balthasar Floriszstraat 10 / Pallas August Allebeplein 2 / Papillon Van der Helstplein 8 / Paradox 1e Bloemdwarsstraat 2 
    coffeeshop paradox amsterdam prisengracht canal
    coffeeshop paradox amsterdam prisengracht canal
    Pick Up The Pieces Oude Hoogstraat 5 (closed) / Point, the 3e Oosterparkstraat 73 / Popeye Haarlemmerstraat 63 / Preforce Fannius Scholtenstraat 10 / Prima Agatha Dekenstraat 31 / Prix d’ami Haringpakkerssteeg 3 

    from centraal station Amsterdam to coffeeshop Prix d'Ami
    from centraal station Amsterdam to coffeeshop Prix d’Ami
  • Rasta Baby Prins Hendrikkade 6 ( Closed ) / Reefer Sint Antoniesbreestraat 77 / Relax Binnen Oranjestraat 9 / Rembrandt Nieuwendijk 48 / Resin ( ex Pool Dog ) Hekelveld 7 / Rick’s Cafe Oudezijds Voorburgwal 252 / Risky Business Bos en Lommerweg 163
    coffeeshop risky business
    coffeeshop risky business bos en lommer tram 7, 17
     Rock lt Nieuwmarkt 12 
    map coffeeshop rock it Nieuwmarkt 12 red light district amsterdam
    map coffeeshop rock it Nieuwmarkt 12 red light district amsterdam
    Rockland Raadhuisstraat 8
    Rockland Amsterdam
    Rockland Amsterdam
    Rookies Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 145
    map coffeeshop rookies tram 1, 2, 5
    map coffeeshop rookies tram 1, 2, 5
    Route 66 Warmoesstraat 77-79 (CLOSED 2012 ) / Route 99 Haringpakkerssteeg 8 / Coffeeshop Rusland Rusland 14-16 
    coffeeshop rusland, coffeeshop bagheera, coffeeshop goa, coffeeshop green place
    coffeeshop rusland, coffeeshop bagheera, coffeeshop goa, coffeeshop green place
    Roxy Gerard Doustraat 188 / Ruthless Stichting Hoofdweg 174 

    amsterdam de pijp map coffeeshops 2015
    amsterdam de pijp map coffeeshops 2015, coffeeshop roxy, coffeeshop katsu
  • Saloon Smoking Bull Lange Niezel 13 / Sanementereng 2e Laurierdwarsstraat 44 ( closed June 2011 see / Mr. K’S )/ ‘t Gierenest ( ex Sancho Ponza ) Amstelveenseweg 61 / Sevilla Utrechtsestraat 14 / Sheeba Warmoesstraat 73 ( closed March 2014 ) / Siberie Brouwersgracht 11 
    map coffeeshop siberie
    map coffeeshop siberie
    Sinbad Hoofdweg 226 / Smokey Rembrandtplein 24 / Soft Land Spuistraat 222 / Soft Temple ( ex Le Bonheur ) Gravenstraat 5 / Something Else Lange Niezel 5 / Space Mountain Dusartstraat 22 / Speak Easy OudeBrugsteeg 4
    coffeehop speak easy, coffeeshop joint venture
    map speak easy, map joint venture
    Spirit Westerstraat 121 /
    Boerejongens ex Stix Utrechtsestraat 21 
    map Boerejongers CENTRUM TRAM 4
    Solo ( ex Stix 2 ) Korte Koningsstraat 2 / Stone's coffeeshop Ruysdaelkade 145
    map stone’s coffeeshop
    Stone’s Corner Warmoesstraat 59 / Stones Cafe Warmoesstraat 91 closed 2016/ Supermarkt Frederik Hendrikstraat 69 

    map weed hash coffeeshop de supermarkt tram 3 or 10
    map weed hash coffeeshop de supermarkt tram 3 or 10
  • Terminator Admiraal de Ruijterweg 104 / The Doors  now The Store Singel 14 / The Doors Palace ( smoke café ) Spuistraat 46 / The Dream Witte de Withstraat 30a / The Noon Zieseniskade 22
    menu coffeeshop the noon tram 3 7 10 12
    menu coffeeshop the noon tram 3 7 10 12
    The Old Church Oudekerksplein 54 ( Moved to Amstel 8 ) 
    map coffeeshop the old church
    map coffeeshop the old church ( EX DE ROKERIJ )
    The Otherside Reguliersdwarsstraat 6 
    The Power Wibautstraat 115 / The Saint Regulierssteeg 1 / The Stud Molukkenstraat 581 
    stop molukkenstraat tram 14, 7, bus 359 coffeeshop the stud
    stop molukkenstraat tram 14, 7, bus 359 coffeeshop the stud
    the stud coffeeshop map
    the stud coffeeshop map
    The Wauw shop Spaarndammerdijk 9
    ToDay Dusartstraat 14 
    Top Weazle Vechtstraat 63
    Super Skunk Prinsengracht 480
    / Touche Kwakersstraat 8 / Trinity Sarphatistraat 87 / Trefpunt Zeeburgerdijk 33 

  • Coffeeshop Vondel ( ex De Tijd, ex Tuintje ) Overtoom 451
    coffeeshops next Vondelpark
    coffeeshops next Vondelpark
    Tweede Kamer Heisteeg 6 / Tweedy Vondelstraat 104 / Twilight Zone Lange Niezel 7 / ‘T Keteltje Marnixstraat 74
  • Voyagers Geldersekade 2 / Warda Van Woustraat 193 
    Warda 2 Javastraat 104 / Yoyo 2e Jan van der Heijdenstr. 79 
  • map warda 2 tram 14
    map warda 2 tram 14
    map warda 1 tram 4
    map warda 1 tram 4

    R.I.P franco loja  20/05/1974  02/01/2017

Cannabis Seeds

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Booking Dutch Hotels 


Utrecht Coffeeshops

Utrecht Coffeeshops


utrecht 2106
utrecht 2016

A SMOKER GUIDE BY www.coffeeshopamsterdam.net

Van der Valk Hotel Houten Utrecht, Houten

Stone Hotel & Hostel

NH Centre Utrech

utrecht map center tram

Oudegracht 208 / Coffeeshop 208

utrecht menu coffeeshop 208 Hash 2016 february
utrecht menu coffeeshop 208 Hash 2016 february
utrecht menu coffeeshop 208 Weed 2016 february
utrecht menu coffeeshop 208 Weed 2016 february
walking from centraal station utrecht to coffeeshop 208
walking from centraal station utrecht to coffeeshop 208

Vismarkt 23 / Andersom 

Opening hours:

Monday / Wednesday:
10:00 – 23:00

Thursday / Saturday:
10:00 – 24:00

10:00 – 22:00

walking to coffeeshop andersom utrecht
walking to coffeeshop andersom utrecht
utrecht coffeeshop 1
map coffeeshop andersom utrecht
Andersom coffeeshop menu Utrecht october 2015
Andersom coffeeshop menu Utrecht october 2015
Coffeeshop Andersom Utrecht 2015 may
Coffeeshop Andersom Utrecht 2015 may

Voorstraat 81 / Pleasure Bordeaux Rood 

walking to coffeeshop pleasure utrecht
walking to coffeeshop pleasure utrecht
hash menu coffeeshop Pleasure 2016 january
hash menu coffeeshop Pleasure 2016 january
menu weed coffeeshop Pleasure 2016 january
menu weed coffeeshop Pleasure 2016 january
Pleasure Bordeaux Rood Utrecht september october 2015
Pleasure Bordeaux Rood Utrecht september october 2015
Pleasure Bordeaux Rood Utrecht october 2015
Pleasure Bordeaux Rood Utrecht october 2015

Wittevrouwenstraat 21 / Wietstok 

map coffeeshop de wietstok utrecht
map coffeeshop de wietstok utrecht
menu coffeeshop Wietstok 2016 january
menu coffeeshop Wietstok 2016 january
Wietstok coffeeshop Utrecht 2015
Wietstok coffeeshop menu Utrecht 2015 may

Breedstraat 2 / Koffiedik

Breedstraat 55 / Freak 

coffeeshop utrecht
coffeeshop freak, coffeeshop de wietstok, coffeeshop pleasure, coffeeshop t’grasje, utrecht
Freak menu coffeeshop Hash 2016 february
Freak menu coffeeshop Hash 2016 february
Freak menu coffeeshop Weed 2016 february
Freak menu coffeeshop Weed 2016 february

dimanche Fermé

Coffeeshops FREAK Utrecht
coffeeshop HiLo 2015 june
menu coffeeshop HiLo 2015 june

1e Daalsedijk 294 / de Vipshop

VIP Shop 2019 february

Croeselaan 213 / Hi/Lo ( click for opening hours + map for all coffeeshops in Utrecht ) 

Hi/Lo Croeslaan Utrecht 213 menu hash weed coffeeshop february 2016
Hi/Lo Croeslaan Utrecht 213 menu hash weed coffeeshop february 2016

Vleutenseweg 92 / Relax

Vleutenseweg 108 / Sahara

Vleutenseweg 124 / Zanzi

menu utrecht Culture Boat 2016 may
menu utrecht Culture Boat 2016 may

Wittevrouwensingel 206 / Culture Boat 

Culture Boat 2017 october
menu coffeeshop Culture Boat 2016 january
menu coffeeshop Culture Boat 2016 january
Culture Boat 2015 october
Culture Boat 2015 october
CultureBoat Utrecht 2015 may
CultureBoat coffeeshop menu Utrecht 2015 may

Obrechtstraat 1 / ‘t Grasje 

menu coffeeshop TGrasje 2016 january
menu coffeeshop TGrasje 2016 january
menu coffeeshop TGrasje 2016 january
menu coffeeshop TGrasje 2016 january
TGrasje april 2015
TGrasje coffeeshop menu april 2015


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Cheap Eats in Amsterdam between 5€ / 10€

Cheap Eats in Amsterdam between 5€ / 10€

All prices between 5 € / 10€ for one adult.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Manger pas cher à Amsterdam 

Petit Déjeuner toute la journée!

Prins Heerlijk Amsterdam / Prins Hendrikkade 57 aaaalmokjj

Monday – Sunday / 7.30 AM – 23.30 PM

prins heerlijk amsterdam breakfast
prins heerlijk amsterdam breakfast

Café Coffeeshop La Grotte / Haarlemmerstraat 34 / Canal Ring (Grachtengordel)

Great place eat drink and smoke! not really a coffeeshop but smokers friendly . Next to coffeeshop popeye , coffeeshop dampkring, coffeeshop barney’s ( also breakfast and smokers friendly ) see map + see menu coffeeshop + menu coffeeshops 2018

Coffee and Lunch Café PIQNIQ 
Lindengracht 59 hs

map petit dejeuner breakfast PIQNIQ amsterdam
map petit dejeuner breakfast PIQNIQ amsterdam

Ontbijt ( petit dejeuner, breakfast ) lunch, coffee and tea with sweet bites, fresh juices, smoothies, a quality glass of wine and cold beers.
You can also order for a special treat at the office or to take with you to the park or on your boat tour.

map omelegg city centre red light district amsterdam
map omelegg city centre red light district amsterdam

Omelegg – City Centre / Nieuwebrugsteeg 24 
Propose beaucoup de sorte d’omelettes et de formules petit déjeuner.
Les portions sont énormes. Je vous conseil l’omelettes dutchies, ou bien version scrambled. Rapport qualité et quantité / prix imbattable!

Offers many omelets and breakfast.
The portions are huge. I board the dutchies omelet or scrambled. Value and quantity / price!

Yvy & Bros / Oudezijds Voorburgwal 96A

logo ivy et bros amsterdam

really a good place! cheap food but good in the red light district! also sandwich, cheesecake, chocolate cake, hot chocolate, espresso.


Broodje Bert / Singel 321 

Join the locals sitting on wooden chairs in the sun (or on the window seats inside) at this fabulous little sandwich shop in a winning canal-side location. In addition to huge sandwiches, such as marinated grilled chicken or the eponymous house special Broodje Bert (lamb meatballs on Turkish bread), there are burgers and omelettes made to order. Cash only!

Broodbar / Kloveniersburgwal 18 

Ma tot vr 8.00 – 17.00
Zat 8.00 – 18.00. Zon 10.00 – 18.00



Gartine / Taksteeg 7 



hema cheap price good breakfast coffee
hema cheap price good breakfast coffee

Hema is a Dutch institution, a department store chain which sells generic “own brand” goods at reasonable prices. A small food section sells breads, cheese, tapas etc.

Larger Hema stores contain a cafe selling sandwiches, cakes and drinks. Cheap breakfasts are available between 9 and 10am.

16 locations in Amsterdam including Kalverstraat, Ferdinand Bol Straat, Kinkerstraat. There are a small Hema stores at Central Station and Schiphol airport.

Pour le petit dejeuner COMME POUR LES AUTRES REPAS, les magasins Hema sont le meilleur rapport qualité prix. Les produits sont de bonne qualité, salées ou sucrés.

For breakfast AS FOR OTHER FOOD, Hema stores are the best value for money. The products are of good quality, salty or sugary.

Burger Bar Amsterdam

Reguliersbreestraat 9
1017 CL Amsterdam
Tel.: +31 (0)20-3305968
Open daily: 11:00 – 03:00, Friday, Saturday: 11:00 – 04:00
Public transport: Tram 4, 9, 14, 16, 24, 25 to Muntplein. burgerbar amsterdam logo burgerbar amsterdam

Kolksteeg 2
1012 PT Amsterdam
Tel.: +31 (0)20-6249049
Open daily: 11:00 – 03:00
Public transport: Any tram, bus or train to Central Station

Febo Amsterdam

febo amsterdam 1
Cheapest snack in Amsterdam

Ferdinand Bolstraat
Jan van Galenstraat
Nieuwendijk 220
Oudezijds Voorburgwal
Laan der Hesperiden (Stadionplein)
van Swindenstraat
van Woustraat
Nieuwendijk 50
Daniël Goedkoopstraat
FEBO Boulevard




Great variety of tasty gourmet burgers, including beef, lamb, chicken, tuna and for vegetarians falafel and manchego cheese burgers. Different toppings available plus side dishes such as grilled asparagus, rocket salad and spring onion creamy potatoes. Albert Cuypstraat 48, Elandsgracht 130, Plantage Kerklaan 37.

burgermeester Amsterdam

Bazar Amsterdam

restaurant bazar amsterdam de pijp
restaurant bazar amsterdam de pijp

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Arabic style breakfasts, sandwiches, soups, starters , mains and desserts. Vegetarian options are available; all meat served is “halal”. Inspired by Turkish, Moroccan and other Arabic / North African cuisine. Albert Cuypstraat 182.

Soup and Zo

Culinary take-a-way soup shop in the center of Amsterdam. All soups, salads and sandwiches are prepared fresh daily under the guidance of a chef cook. New Spiegelstraat 54 / Jodenbreestraat 94www.coffeeshopamstedam.net


Originally brand from Germany that sells excellent Italian food pasta dishes, pizzas and salads. Fresh and natural ingredients, with the pasta made on site. You choose which type of pasta and sauce combination you want and it is cooked in front of you. Modern and pleasant decor. Ground floor at Amsterdam Central Library (OBA) / Oosterdokskade 145 Amstelstraat 2-4 near Rembrandtplein.

Bagels & Beans

Hip cafe hang-out which sells a wide variety of different bagel dishes using fresh, quality ingredients. Numerous franchise outlets all over town, some with free WiFi.

Maoz Falafel

Maoz is a “fast-food” outlet selling deep-fried chickpea falafel (vegetarian) in pita bread.


Unlimited self service fresh salad bar. Muntplein 1 Leidsestraat 85 Van Woustraat 15 Ferdinand Bol Straat 67 Damrak 40



Best chips in Amsterdam. This is a takeaway only with the chips being served in a paper cone with your choice of sauces including mayonnaise, ketchup, onions or peanut sauce. The stall is tucked away on a side street. Voetboogstraat which links Spui and Heiligenweg, not far from Koningsplein.


The best fish is labelled Hollandse Nieuwe haring (Dutch new herring) which is caught during late spring to early summer. You can buy haring on the street at a number of stalls around the city including Albert Cuyp market in De Pijp, at Koningsplein and on the Singel canal at the start of Haarlemmerstraat.

Wok to go

Asia Chinese Indonesia Kolsteeg 8 Leidsestraat 96 Reguliersbreestraat 45 Wamoesstraat 85 Damstraat 44

Wok To Wok

Asia Chinese Indonesia Damstraat


Dutch Supermarket Albert Heijn

Premium supermarket chain in Netherlands. Dozens of locations in the Amsterdam area including a number of smaller Albert Heijn To Go express-style stores. Open daily, 6.30P.M. 22A.M. ( 06h30 22h00 ) Smaller stores have shorter hours on Sunday. In Amsterdam centre Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 226 Prins Hendrikkade 20 Koningsplein 4 Van Baerlestraat 33a Westermarkt 21 Jodenbreestraat 21 Stadhouderskade 101 Oostelijke Handelskade 1065 Nieuwmarkt 18 Frederiksplein 1 Haarlemmerdijk 1 Westerstraat 79 Elandsgracht 13A Overtoom 116-124 Vijzelstraat 113 Cornelis Troostplein 11 Scheldeplein 5 Dam Square/Magna Plaza Central Station Flower market / Spui Museumplein/Concertgebouw Anne Frank House/Westerkerk Rembrandt house Heineken Experience / Albert Cuyp market Java/KNSM Islands Nieuwmarkt Frederiksplein /Utrechtsestraat Haarlemmerdijk / Brouwersgracht Noordermarkt Jordaan / Prinsengracht Leidseplein / Vondelpark FOAM museum De Pijp RAI convention center

Dirk van den Broek

Popular budget supermarket chain with 12 stores in greater Amsterdam. Open on Sundays. Marie Heinekenplein 25 ( De Pijp ) 2e Nassaustraat 23 Bilderdijkstraat 126 Meeuwenlaan 76 Mercatorplein 6 / 13 Bos en Lommerplein 1 Rijnstraat 48 Europaboulevard 19 Sloterkade 110 / 127 Sierplein 6 Martini van Geffenstraat 41 / 43 Belgiëplein 106


Large family-run supermarket chain from the south of Netherlands Prices are a little lower than Albert Heijn. Jumbo is renowned for excellent customer service/pricing policies. Jumbo is open daily and has 2 stores in Amsterdam. Westerstraat 98 / 102 ( Jordaan ) Hendrik Jacobszstraat 9


THE BUTCHER Albert Cuypstraat 129 / standhouders in www.foodhallen.nl



Stone’s Cafe / Warmoesstraat 91

Susies Saloon / Oudezijds Voorburgwal 254

Excalibur Cafe / Oudezijds Achterburgwal 48

Cafe Batavia 1920 ( Prins Hendrikkade 85 ) is very close to Centraal Station. Downstairs is a cool smokers bar with a view across the canal to Voyagers.

Kashmir Lounge ( Jan Pieter Heijestraat 85-87 ) was once a nice coffeeshop. After 2007 they took over Jan Piet coffeeshop across the road and gave up the coffeeshop licence for the lounge, which is now a smoker’s bar. Tram 17 to Jan Pieter Heijestraat stop on Kinkerstraat.The Kashmir coffeeshop operation is now across the road. http://www.kashmirlounge.com

Kadinsky Café ( Zoutsteeg 11 ) and Barney’s Uptown ( Haarlemmerstraat 105 ) are by their respective coffeeshops. Sound Garden ( Marnixstraat 164-166 ) is a well established pub allowing smoking in the garden.


Lost in Amsterdam ( Nieuwendijk 19 ) is a smokers bar.

Brown Coffee Amsterdam
Café De Twee Zwaantjes / Prinsengracht 114 OPEN Sun / Thu 3pm-1am, Sat & Sun 3pm-3am
Café Belgique / Gravenstraat 2 Monday 15.00 – 01.00 Tuesday 15.00 – 01.00Wednesday 15.00 – 01.00 Thusday 13-00 – 01.00Friday 13.00 – 03.00Saturday 13.00 – 03.00Sunday 13.00 – 01.00
Brown cafes 17th century / Brown cafes 18th
Café Luxembourg on Spuistraat is my favorite, 5 minutes walk to the coffeeshop Rusland.
Some brown cafes ( bruin café ) date from the early 17th century as Chris and Café Papeneiland in historic Jordaan.




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Amsterdam Tattoos

Amsterdam Tattoos 

If you like tattoos, Amsterdam is the city where it all started with Peter de Haan and Henk Schiffmacher, and Tattoo Peter since 1955Bill Loika is a master of the old school tattoo,  he worked for many years with Eddy Wertwijn




Hollywood Mark Favela

Born 1968 in East Los Angeles, California. He started to tattoo, in 1990, at Spotlight Tattoo in Hollywood where he apprenticed under Bob & Charlie Roberts for two years.

Charlie Roberts, often present in Amsterdam, maybe you will have the chance to tattoo you by this U.S.A  tattoo artist!


The Preachers Soon  Lina Stigsson





Afrikaanse Druk Store Amsterdam, late 60 : The Provo movement give THE WAY to the hippie dream.

Provo was officially disbanded May 13, 1967, twenty months and one day after the first issue of Provo . Before disappearing , this movement planted the first seed that would cause coffeeshops .

Robert Jasper Grootveld (19 July 1932 – 26 February 2009) was a Dutch artist, best known for his events on the Spui in Amsterdam. Grootveld’s ‘happenings’ were a forerunner of the Provo movement, which he later joined.

Jasper Grootveld met tekeningen van Veldhoen op bakfiets door de stad, wachtend op klanten
*6 juli 1964

Grootfeld was born in Amsterdam. From 1964 he staged anti-smoking happenings at the Het Lieverdje (“The Little Darling”) statue in Amsterdam, after discovering that it had been donated to the city by a tobacco company.

Grootveld would appear at midnight on Saturdays, strangely attired, and dance around the statue in a cloud of his own cigarette smoke, as he called all sorts of incantations. “Uche, uche, uche” and “Klaas komt” were his best known incantations, the last meaning “Klaas is Coming!” became familiar graffiti around the city. At the core of Grootveld’s philosophy was the belief that the masses had been brainwashed into becoming a herd of addicted consumers.

Nozems, a Dutch subculture, were attracted to the street theatre as were some intellectuals inspired by Grootveld’s innovative methods of communicating his message. One in particular, Roel van Duijn, observing the potential of street actions as provocations to alter society, began to distribute a magazine called Provo at these events.

Fred Wessels opened Afrikaanse Druk Store in Jordan , Amsterdam ; if we can not consider this hotel as 1er coffee shop history, this is certainly its oldest ancestor. Marijuana was there illegally sold and you could even buy cannabis plants , the price of 1 Florin per plant. ( about 0,30 € )

Kees Hoekert

Cannabis culture started in Holland with Kees Hoekert going to Morocco in 1951. Kees Hoekert was Amsterdam’s cannabis entrepreneur supreme, from 1963 his Lowland Weed Company

operated on his boat home very near the police department. Hoekert imported weed seed from all over the world, grew the plants, sold them, and provided high tea gratis to customers. He’s the one that found out that the cannabis seeds from Morocco and South America could also be grown in the Netherlands, and that smoking pot does not lead to addiction or hard drugs use. It was the start of the legendary (and officially registered) Lowland Weed Company.

hoekertgrootveldlowlandweedcompany “45.000 marihuana-plants for sale” Kees Hoekert & Jasper Grootveld from the Lowlands Weed Company in 1971

Kees Hoekert - Lowland Weed Company
Kees Hoekert – Lowland Weed Company
Kees Hoekert – Lowland Weed Company


Kink 22 Fantasio Paradiso Kosmos 

In 1967, on Tweede Rozendwarsstraat  , a tea-house is open, called Kink 22. This was run by a wonderful woman who will always be ahead of its time and n is other than Mila Jansen . She had the idea of creating the Kink 22 with Henk Koster ( Fashion Designer ) . The particularity of this tea was that when you order a cup of tea, it was served up along with a good JOINT ! Provided the establishment of Mila was dealing not good material, but the 22 Kink quickly won a local success as it clung perfectly with the hippie habit of time , and most importantly, consumers and dealers knew they could meet to talk business . Some customers from other countries, their local importance and hash it all mixed, already gave the Kink 22 charming appearance of a coffeeshop . Was it provided the 1er coffeeshop history? No, because he had neither the name nor the operation and was not recognized as such. However, we can indeed consider that Mila Jansen and Robert Jasper Grootveld is originally precursors coffeeshop.

Afrikaanse Druk Store Kink 22 and therefore existed before the first illegal coffeeshops (which also cover initially under the name of tea ) and even before youth centers where cannabis was agreed. But traffic and customer’s Kink 22 quickly deranged neighborhood and after several complaints , the authorities decided that the tea room was close . During this time ( and still in 1967 in Amsterdam) , on Weteringschans , a housed in a former church building was squatted by hippies. Despite their marginal lifestyle and penchant for magic cigarettes, these hippies had a plan : to transform this former church into a center of entertainment and leisure . Unfortunately the police ended the festivities and the story lasted only a few weeksBut the Netherlands , unlike other nations, had more original than repression to deal with delinquency ideas, and the following year in 1968 , the city turned the old church youth center and Culture publicly subsidized .

The place was renamed Paradiso and announced its opening for February 23, 1968 It will be one month later, March 30, 1968 , more precisely , with a special opening night . Music and light show in front of 1300 people . The success was complete and even today , the Paradiso is one of the main tourist and cultural centers in Amsterdam . And this is not all, a day earlier , March 29, 1968 , to deal with wandering group of young people without means and without occupation, Ankerclubhuiswerk association created a center for young people and made them Fantasio on the Prins Hendrikkade . In addition to the musical and cultural activities they offered , the Paradiso and Fantasio would become the first youth centers where the consumption and sale of cannabis in small quantities would be more or less tolerated … In 1969, Fantasio was transformed into a meditation center and now called Kosmos . So it was a spiritual center or meditation in the broad sense of the term. It gave yoga , including Hatha , Iyengar Yoga and Saswitha . Macrobiotic cooking classes were held on Monday from 21h30 to midnight and regularly lectures on the occult, tarot, and dreams were given . On Wednesday night it was films . Kosmos course also organized concerts and music lessons . There was also a studio where we could paint and draw , and a tea room which emanated a delicious odor of marijuana ! The library was well stocked including many books on philosophy and meditation. The sauna was 5 Florins and every week you could find in Kosmos Focus, center log all information on the activities that took place during the week.

Kosmos , Paradiso and, as we shall see shortly after , Melkweg met a great success and were thus frequented by many young people, including hippies ; Added to that all these artistic and business trend of the times … it was almost obvious there predict the arrival of soft drugs. The consumption and sale of hashish then quickly made its appearance in the centers. However, these practices remained illegal and just as Sarasani , youth centers were hounded by the authorities and the police are conducting regular raids


event MELKWEGSince it became the Grand Theatre of Dutch and international cultural landscape. He welcomed famous bands like U2 , Joe Satriani , Foo Fighters … and many events including Crossing Border Festival. Just like Paradiso or Kosmos , through cultural activities, deal in all kinds of substances appeared. The sale of hashish was becoming so common that the Melkweg could add a new string to his bow : the coffeeshop ! It will never be one, even if in the 80s , it was like there was even a place dedicated to the sale of marijuana .

In fact, a house -dealer controlled entry and selling sticks of weed to the unit that were rolled in front of you according to the demand … the houses dealers were authorized by the owners of the premises, where the safety and quality of products sold inside were their priorities while avoiding the deal in street. In addition , another house -dealer offering 2 or 3 grades of hashish was at the bar to sell larger quantities (10 or 20 grams, no more 30 grams ). The quality and service were VERY GOOD. Spacecake or yogurt with haschich were delicious!

information about space cake
information about space cake

But back in 1970 , near Rotterdam, in the woods Kralingse which takes place the first major pop festival in the Netherlands . Kralingen Holland Pop Festival 1970


This festival was somehow the Dutch answer to Woodstock. The police were waiting for 5000, and despite the rain, the arrival is more than 120,000 stoners who are celebrating ! This festival was also an opportunity for Henk de Vries ( the future creator of Bulldog) , to be its first head of dealer weed , he sold , for the record, in matchboxes . The following year, in 1971 , he was arrested in Germany with 100 kilos of cannabis and sentenced to three years in prison. Meanwhile in the Netherlands, authorities , doctors and experts agree that hard drugs such as heroin and LSD, are much more dangerous and harmful than soft drugs such as cannabis and should only focus on the fight against hard drugs. In 1972, the Dutch government wants to go even further by completely legalizing cannabis. The problem is a few decades ago , in the framework of the United Nations , the Netherlands had signed international treaties on drug prohibition prohibiting the legalization nationwide … Attempts Netherlands in order to open a discussion on the legalization of cannabis were immediately rejected by European neighbors.

Amsterdam Historic Map Coffeeshops
Amsterdam Historic Map Coffeeshops

Mellow Yellow In 1972, a former bakery on Weesperzijde 53 in Amsterdam is squatted by a group of friends including some hippies Wernard Bruining . Another important character that will bring a lot to the history of cannabis. Wernard and his gang of friends were often visited by other hippies who came here to cop , smoke or drink coffee … The name was inspired by the Donovan hit in those days : Mellow Yellow. “If you do not have anything to smoke, you can always get a little high of a baked bananapeel !” as Wernard explains it.

Wernard Bruining was born on august 14, 1950, in Sorong, New Guinea, which was a Dutch colony in thoses days.

Second Home in 1970, on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, there was the Second Home, our own hippie youth center with a ‘living room’ where a lot of grass was smoked. For something to smoke, you were sent by the group, with way too much money, everyone pitched in, to the Amstel 54, a coffeeshop where tens of dealers screamingly tried to draw your attention.

Second Home 1
Second Home 1
Second Home 2
Second Home 2
Second Home 3
after second home closed, the empty bakery squatted
jamaican weed
jamaican weed
hash marocco
hash marocco
Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Second Home 3
Created with Nokia Smart Cam
After the  fire…

Donovan Mellow Yellow

It was a perfect time to open an establishment where Amsterdams hash-smokers could get their cannabis without much hassle. Wernard left the sales of the goods to an English neighbour, who sat in the former bakeryshop for two-three hours a day, as a housedealer. Wernard and Co did not want more dealers in the place. Wernard : “We called the place a teahouse, thinking that would indicate the sales of stuff, as we called cannabis those days. Everybody knew it as coffeeshop however, and they all knew what was offered there.” “The atmosphere in the beginning was superb and enlightning, friends who all gathered, to smoke, talk and play a game of tablesoccer.” Transforming the old bakery into a tea room where the could buy and smoke cannabis over a cup of tea. In addition it was not complicated at the time no license was required to open this kind of establishment.

Towards the end of 1972, after the housedealer left for Greece on a new adventure, Wernard and his friends, Peter van Schie, Herman and Wernards girlfriend Marian, had to adjust to a more professional way of exploiting the business. Herman was the thriving force, ‘organising’ all material to give the Mellow Yellow a new look in 1973, with wooden benches and tables, and a fresh and white interior, in total contrast with the dark, shimmery look of the youth-centers, that were decorated with wallcarpets and poorly lit. Peter became the dealer, behind the bar this time. Peter became famous for carrying around a big, brown leather bag, wich he had especially designed, and from wich he sold all sizes and weights in pre-packed ‘stuff’. It began with 25 guilder bags, initiated by Herman, with slices of hash, cut by Wernard, “From lumps of a pound, or so…” The pre-packed bags were ‘stashed’ in a bookstore nearby, to be able to supply the dealer on short notice. The customers did not have to bargain about the price any longer, this method became common in the hash-business, and is still maintained.

The Mellow Yellow was open from wake-up time until 3 o’clock in the morning, serving cannabis, coffee and cosy compagny to a growing crowd. Initially, the softdrugs were purchased from a small dealer on a houseboat, 50 or 100 grams at a time, the major part being Lebanese hash, weed was not available in large quantities yet. As business grew, the demand grew, more people started to come in and offer merchandise, including someone from Marocco. Wernard started to do business with Caesar, “He was a big man in the business, and he just liked us”, said Wernard, “ Known as the main man those days.” The transactions were being made in Caesars home at the Hoofddorpsquare. Wernard explained how he learned a lot from the way Caesar did hid business : “He always kept all his contacts away from each other, his house could be full of people, in the kitchen and even in the bedroom, but they would never see one and other. Caesar kept his suppliers and customers separated, a good lesson to be learnt.” The purchases became bigger, the ‘menu’, as the variation of cannabis was mentioned, was expanded with Maroccan and Afghani hashes, even some Indonesian weed, which Wernard bought for about 900 guilders per kilo. The weed was sold in ten gram bags, some people, from the Amsterdam grey area, even bought ten bags at a time.

The Mellow Yellow was thriving, too well, according to Wernard, in 1974 the opening hours were adjusted. “We opened from 6 o’clock from then, we could not handle the overwhelming day time rush anymore.” Peter and Marian took turns as dealers, and moved to being in front of the bar, enabling them to pay more attention to the smoking clientele. There was no competition of other coffeeshops yet, and the police did not seem to bother. The police was fully concentrated on the heroin, that hit the Amsterdam market in 1972 ( Chung Mon ), even though hash was as forbidden as the opiate.   And that’s how in 1973 Wernard accompanied by Herman, Peter and Marian opened the Mellow Yellow . Mila had the idea before him with Kink 22 … Yes it is Wernard Bruining will complete the work by drawing the features of real coffeeshop as we know it today. First of all, it is he who will implement the system of so-called ” pouches ” in plastic bags which were pre-packaged samples hashes and herbs for sale. But also the techniques of hiding and refueling , the establishment of a single dealer in the house … all that we owe to Wernard . The technique , moreover, for the deal was very avant-garde and would be taken up by many coffeeshops thereafter : Wernard and Herman worked behind the bar and Peter and Marian sat in front with a big bag of leather, just pretending to be a customer . The leather bag was actually filled with different varieties of herbs and hashes , categorized and pre- packaged in bags of 10 and 25 florins. The cannabis menu consisted of Moroccan, Afghani, Nepalese and Lebanese hash, and Thai sticks, smoked with tobacco. Then weed from Indonesia and Congo started to come on the market. It was much cheaper and gave MORE MUCH MORE STONED POWER per gram!


Upon opening , the Mellow Yellow name appeared on the front of the tea room. This reference to the famous song of Donovan, served as a kind of code for those who knew what this song was about and there was sometimes a queue at Mellow Yellow which overflowed into the street … Anyway Wernard and his band trying to be discreet : opening from 18h , no ads, no canna leaf on the front of … Police ignored the first business before the press gets involved : newspapers revealed that the Mellow Yellow used a sophisticated system of hideouts to pass through police checks …. But after a fire broke out in the end of 1978, Mellow Yellow closed its doors. And even if it’s Sarasani that collects the title 1ercoffeeshop Netherlands is the legacy of Mellow Yellow that come all the operating mode and the features can be found in the definition of coffeeshop current . Of course there was not the ” house rules ” that come later and are now present in most coffeeshops, but even then , Wernard had established that they sold Mellow Yellow just cannabis no hard drugs. They were hippies, they wanted a peace atmosphere that would stand out from the electric atmosphere of youth centers and some cafes where you did not sell that soft drugs … It is in this spirit that designed the Mellow Yellow . As we have seen, it is also Wernard which introduced the system of hiding the single dealer sachets and fixed prices. He opened the door and gave rise to some ideas , especially in Henk de Vries and Maarten Brusselers .


the real founders for coffeeshops in Amsterdam
the real founders for coffeeshops in Amsterdam
Koos Zwart 1980
Koos Zwart 1980

Maarten Brusselers was friendly hippie but mostly it was a former client of Fantasio and Mellow Yellow . Back to Amsterdam in 1975, he will reproduce the system established by Wernard with the tea Rusland , located in the street of the same name, in the center of Amsterdam. For the record Rusland has the license No. 001 ( from 1995 , with a number of licenses were granted to each coffeeshop )

Koos Zwart (19 mei 1947 – Amsterdam, 8 mei 2014) was een Nederlands cannabisactivist.

Anyway, Brusselers Maarten is a pioneer and a leading Rusland coffeeshop . He even set up an ingenious system or customer entered through a front door and exited through a back door . It must be said at the time, to Rusland , space was two times smaller than today ( Maarten had he created hiding everywhere! ! ) . The decor red and Moscow inspiration we know today was not there either. I must say that contrary to appearances, Rusland has no original link with Russia. Rusland name which is both the name of the coffeeshop but also the street where it is located, is the fifteenth century when the city built this road to connect two major channels and named Willem Ruuschentuin . Over time , this ending was renamed Ruyssenlandt Het and Het Russeland the 16th century before giving the current name Rusland .

The Bulldog 0612nohenkdevriesnieuw 0612tz_bulldog01

On 17 December 1975 exactly , Henk de Vries in turn opens his coffeeshop : The Bulldog. The Bulldog , the first, the best and the biggest is the slogan of the Bulldog. As we saw earlier, Henk de Vries was sentenced to three years in prison after being stop in Germany with 100 kilos of hash . At its output , Henk visited the Mellow Yellow . And observing the business established by Wernard , he said: “I can do the same thing, and more ! ” … And somewhere that is what he did. The first stone of his empire was thus the Bulldog I in 1975 , or more commonly known today, Bulldog # 90 . Then there was the Bulldog II which was located on Hekelveld , but closed its doors a few years later. Meanwhile, two other Bulldogs saw the day in Den Haag on Prinsestraat and Wagenstraat . Its coffeeshops then met a great success, but it required a lot of work and energy to Henk , who fought tirelessly against the authorities for his Bulldog has the right to exist. At the time, in fact, were daily searches , the police proceeded to 250 runs per year Bulldog In the mid 80s , Henk will respond in its own way to the authorities , opening its third coffeeshop The Bulldog Palace, instead of the old police station Leidseplein . The Bulldog was then the most famous coffeeshops, became the more. Despite new raids , particularly in 1987, plainclothes officers were able to buy a large amount of hash in one of the outlets of the Bulldog, Henk Empire continued to expand.

In 1976, the Opium Act was amended . It’s the dream come true ! Well, not quite because cannabis was not yet legalized (and still have it not matter) and the use of soft drugs remained punishable , but it was not a crime. Sale in small quantities (up to 30 grams) was now tolerated. Following this, the consumption and sale of hashish became common in most youth centers while the Netherlands . The first coffeeshop appeared , including Any Time in 1977 in Alkmaar. Instant success bâtait full , some institutions that became more profitable. At first, taxation level , it was difficult to control exactly their income , which would attract a whole new style patterns in the world of coffeeshops . Until then it was practically all former hippies … but increasingly , landed shady businessmen and mafia criminals, who saw these coffeeshops formidable machines to launder their dirty money. Among these major criminals , there will Moear Thea , nicknamed ” The Godmother ” and daughter of the legendary Blonde Greet . Thea Moear was a criminal of rare beauty , she also turned back the price of ” Miss Hot Pants ” in 1970. A year earlier , in its majority, she married with the famous hash dealer Hugo Ferrol .In January, 1972, Hugo Ferrol, the husband of Thea Moear, was shot in the leg by the Italian Antonio Brusamolin from Brussels. Antonio would later become Thea’s partner. A few years later, she will be the business partner of the largest drug lord Klaas Bruinsma . head of largest crime syndicate in the Netherlands , founded in the mid 70s. Thea Moear handled the finances of the empire and to launder money . In 1976 , she opened her coffeeshop, Buggy ( stroller ) on Jacob Van Lennepstraat . This is one of the first coffeeshops history, born just after Rusland and therefore Bulldog . I guess the coffeeshop Buggy 2000, located Da Costastraat him also belonged . It is obvious that more sell part of hash empire Bruinsma, these two institutions have served for money laundering , but Thea Moear was not the only one to use this kind of practice ; Chinese mafia,

Amsterdam’s Red Light District looked like in the 1980’s
Zeedijk Red Light District 1980’s
Amsterdam Red Light District 1984

very present at the time in the red light district , also had a few brothels and coffeeshops .

In 1970 Chung Mon  arrived in Holland to start a branch of the 14K Triad in Amsterdam, and soon after him the bosses Golden K. and Ah Meng from the Singapore triad of Ah Kon arrived. They were suspected of committing murder in Singapore.

Happy Family

happyfamilyzuid1 The Happy Family were based youth centers subsidized by the state and founded by a certain Steve Brown.

Steven Kees Aaron Brown was born October 26, 1954 in California, USA . By its Dutch parent , a few years after his birth, his family moved to Amsterdam, where he grew up in the Pijp . At age 25, he was the head of a criminal organization : The ” Happy Family ” Foundation was created youth centers in Amsterdam, but who in fact served as a cover for drug trafficking and money laundering money.


A few years later , Steve Brown will recognize moreover, have been highly active during this period , in the illegal business of hashish . If the end of the Happy Family is rather tragic , their design and story is truly amazing. It was in some ways ” the restaurants of the heart” coffeeshops . On numerous occasions during the year and especially at Christmas , the Happy Family , meals , preserves and hot drinks were distributed to the poorest . The Happy also stays organized holidays for young people who did not have the chance to travel . While institutions Happy Family did not pay mine and their clients was often formed smokers destitute or street people , but precisely these centers were born to them, so they too have a family: the Happy Family! Besides all that, the sale of soft drugs was tolerated there but it did not bother anyone so far and Happy Family were finally pretty well seen by the public thanks to charitable exercised . 1 Happy Family was born in 1979 Rustenburgerstraat at # 207 exactly. The center was receiving a subsidy of 180,000 florins yearly . Quickly another establishment opened its doors on Overtoom , followed by a third and a fourth on Nes on Dapperstraat .

The success was such that the youth center located on Nes becomes a coffeeshop and Happy Family even creates its own nightclub : Happy at the Night! Everything was going well and dolphins swimming in the Happy Family happiness, yes, but here’s the success and benefits … this is ultimately what would capsize the good ship run by Steve Brown. In 1984, the scandal : The IRS put his nose in the 1983 Annual Report of the foundation; there huge denounced irregularities and suspected that some money was whitened . In addition, a thorough study by Van Dien expertise and Co. accounting firm and a municipal audit confirmed the suspicions of the Happy Family , and accused the foundation of being in reality a facade for drug trafficking on a large scale . Because qu’Happy Family is a foundation, it should therefore make no profit, the IRS also opened an investigation and concluded that trade in soft drugs exercised by institutions Happy Family had generated a turnover of 12 million guilders , 4 million of net profits. The foundation then being subsidized by the state , the case caused a scandal at the public opinion . On appeals trial, the Happy Family was trying to defend himself. For lack of evidence , certain lawsuits were unsuccessful but aids were removed and large sums of money were seized accounts of the foundation. Steve Brown fared well and therefore institutions remained open at the end of the trial. But the image of Happy Family had become so bad , they gradually disappeared in the late 80s. Steve Brown put an end to the adventure in 1990. There after, he worked occasionally with the Yugoslav mafia Amsterdam and the organization of Klaas Bruinsma, notably trafficking of hashish and ecstasy. Also in the 90s , he was the key witness in the case against Martin Hoogland . Martin Hoogland was planning to liquidate drug dealer Tony Hijzelendoorn, after Hijzelendoorn had rebuked him on March 18, 1992, for being under the influence of cocaine. On March 20, 1992, Martin Hoogland asked Steve Brown to set up a meeting with Hijzelendoorn, which could only mean one thing: he wanted him dead. That afternoon Steve Brown and his buddy Ronnie Ondunk visited Hijzelendoorn in his villa to warn him, but Hijzelendoorn didn’t take it serious, so they left. That evening Martin Hoogland went to the villa and shot Tony Hijzelendoorn 16 times. In April, 1992, Steve Brown and Martin Hoogland were arrested for the assassination of Tony Hijzelendoorn. Ronnie Ondunk turned himself in, but was released as soon as the police knew that he had nothing to do with the liquidation. Brown was also released, on May 17, 1992, and received 80,000 guilders as compensation.Since a lot of work has been devoted to the life of Steve Brown, himself published a few. Today businessman removed from the criminal mafia. On March 18, 2004, Martin Hoogland, then 47, was liquidated. While doing the remaining ten years of his sentence in an open prison in Hoorn, he was riding his bicycle in town, to do some shopping, when a man, allegedly Boneka Belserang, shot him off his bike. The half-Indonesian Boneka Belserang was only 30, but he was well known in the Amsterdam gangland.

T -Boat

tboat coffeeshop amsterdam 2001
tboat coffeeshop amsterdam 2001

T -boat opened in the 60s and he already escaped the sweet smell of hemp. But at first it was rather a squat for hippies where you could come and share a joint, relax … then he changed his look over the years , until it became , during the ’80s, in coffeeshop ‘unofficial’ which also held the position of Bed & Breakfast. T- boat coffeeshop not become official until much later in 1991. He participated in the 6th Cannabis Cup in 1993 and there hung a 2nd place in the category ” Originality “. But the biggest moment in its history intervenes in 1983 : A scene from the film , Cheech and Chong’s : Still Smoking , was filmed on the boat. Ah we were on the terrace of the T -boat, being kiffer view on the canals, a Oinj Kabouter beak ! Unfortunately in the early 2000s , the Ministry of the time ends up getting what he wanted, namely the prohibition of all coffeeshops in the Amsterdam canals . And 1 April 2002, the T -boat was therefore forced to close its doors .


hashmuseum 4
hemp hash museum amsterdam
hashmuseum 1
amsterdam hemp hash museum
hashmuseum 2
amsterdam weed hemp hash museum amsterdam
hashmuseum 3
golden coffeeshop amsterdam weed hemp hash museum amsterdam


Utrecht November 1968, the Sarasani opened the doors of his cellar located on the Oudegracht . The Sarasani is considered illegal 1er coffeeshop Netherlands .

Holly Hasenbos (1947-1984), owner of the coffee shop Sarasani (Old Canal 327 cellar) in Utrecht.
Holly Hasenbos (1947-1984), owner of the coffee shop Sarasani (Old Canal 327 cellar) in Utrecht.

Its creator : Holly Hasenbos , an amateur eccentric hippie hash and reptiles of all kinds, organized concerts in his cave at 327 Oudegracht .

Sarasani coffeeshop Utrecht
Sarasani coffeeshop Utrecht
Oudegracht Utrecht
Oudegracht Utrecht
Sarasani 1
Sarasani 2






















The sale of cannabis is not yet decriminalized in the Netherlands , the Sarasani was therefore illegal and hunted by the police there. But this is not what was cold in the eyes of the dear Holly. Legend has it that his stock was protected by two crocodiles and Sara Sani . The hash was enclosed in a coffin and placed in the vivarium , amid reptiles who watched quietly on the precious loot. What deter any policeman who wants to take to Captain Hook ! The name comes from the coffeeshop circus troupe of East Germany Sarrasani , who used to put his tents near the coffeeshop in the past. But back to our reptiles and Holly Hasenbos , it was not just a hippie hash dealer fascinated by lizards, but a pioneer and architect of the decriminalization of soft drugs … which earned him elsewhere several stays in prison. He fought for freedom and the right to quit smoking to get all refractory spirits Utrecht ( mayor, police, judges , neighborhood … ) back . They have also finally get what they wanted : In 1984 , Holly Hasenbos was shot by police under mysterious circumstances … From there , management Sarasani was assured by his cousin Ton Hol and his wife Fanny Venier . While maintaining the authenticity of this mythical place, the establishment evolved over time to become one of the best coffeeshops across the country ; its unique atmosphere and the quality of its products attracted visitors from around the world … But, like its creator, Sarasani finally give up the ghost at a sad day in August 2007: That day the police called out one of the staff members of Sarasani for selling 9.7 kilograms of cannabis to a German . This gave rise to a search in the house of one of the owners , where police found 37.3 kilograms of cannabis. Sarasani closed late August 2007 . TRADUCTION COURTESY SATIVALEX & INDICLAIRE



Nevil Schoenmakers
Nevil Martin Schoenmakers is an Australian born cannabis breeder known for founding the first cannabis seedbank, which was called “The Seed Bank of Holland”, in the early 1980s in the Netherlands.
This was also the first seed company to advertise directly to the public in High Times magazine.

Born in 1957 in Perth, Western Australia to Dutch parents, Nevil moved to the Netherlands in 1976.
There he started growing cannabis for personal use. He soon discovered that the commercially available Thai, Colombian and African strains did not perform well in the Netherlands’s northern European climate, nor indoors under artificial lighting.
Realizing that the solution to the problem was better genetics, Nevil decided that the best way to obtain good genetics was to start a seed bank, and in 1984 Nevil established The Seedbank.
It was around this time that Nevil met Dave Watson, a cannabis collector and breeder from California better known as “Sam the Skunkman”.
Nevil was able to purchase from Watson the premier Californian varieties “Original Haze”, “Skunk #1”, “Early Girl” and “California Orange”.

From then on, Nevil collected many potent cannabis strains and crossed them to create his own strains. The idea of breeding cannabis to suit varying conditions was obvious to him as he had a background as a champion bird breeder since the age of 8.
In the process Nevil was able to cross equatorial sativas with Afghani indicas to create strains that were more suited to the temperate climates and indoor growing mediums of his European and U.S. customers.
By 1986, Nevil’s cannabis seed company had become a runaway success with sales to more than 15,000 different growers in the United States alone.

In 1990 Nevil became a target of the DEA Operation Green Merchant and an indictment had been lodged in New Orleans, charging Nevil with the sale of marihuana seeds to undercover agents and indoor growers in the New Orleans area.
On July 24, 1990, Nevil was arrested by the Australian authorities at the request of the U.S. government while visiting family in Perth.
Nevil was incarcerated in Fremantle jail for almost a year without bail while awaiting his extradition trial.
Yet on June 21, 1991, just weeks before the date of his Federal Court hearing, Nevil was finally granted bail and subsequently disappeared from Australia.
For some time after Nevil’s return to the Netherlands, he was on the FBI’s most wanted list, but because his activities were legal under Dutch law his extradition was refused and the charges were ultimately dropped.
In 1991 Nevil sold The Seed Bank to Sensi Seeds where he worked for a short time as their head breeder, before founding the Greenhouse Seed company with Arjan Roskam.
By 1998, and widely regarded as the most successful modern cannabis breeder with multiple High Times Cannabis Cup wins, Nevil sold his share of Greenhouse Seeds and left the limelight to focus on other interests. In recent years, Nevil has become involved in the movement to legalise medicinal cannabis in Australia. He recently coauthored a submission to a NSW government inquiry into the matter.

Nevil is seen as the original father of the cannabis seed industry and was described by High Times magazine in 1985 as the “King of Cannabis”.
Nevil was the first cannabis breeder to export cannabis seeds from the Netherlands to the rest of the world, and is credited with creating many of the most popular award winning strains, such as Nevil’s Haze, Northern Lights Haze, Super Silver Haze, Nevil’s Skunk, Super Skunk, Silver Pearl, Silver Haze and many others.
His breeding with Northern Lights, a mostly Indica strain originally developed in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, became an inspiration for indoor Indicas, and the Northern Lights genetics are found in the pedigrees of nearly all of the best modern Indica lines.
He is best remembered for the F1 hybrid Northern Lights 5 X Haze.
This hybrid and its daughters have dominated the Cannabis Cup from the 1980s to the present day.
The original Northern Lights 5 X Haze plant of Nevil’s has been living on through clones and still wins championship awards.
It is this cross that led to many of the modern medicinal strains that are popular today.


“The King of Cannabis,” Arjan Roskam. Arjan is best known as a strain hunter and his famous strains have won over 30 Cannabis Cups. When he is not in Amsterdam he spends most of his time traveling the world looking for the best strains of Cannabis to be brought back to his lab with the goal of making the best strains of tomorrow. His most famous strains are: White Widow, Super Silver Haze, Hawaiian Snow, Super Lemon Haze, Flowerbomb Kush and others.

Arjan has been joined by actor Woody Harelson and Sir Richard Branson in his efforts to legalize cannabis worldwide.
Arjan is the owner of the Amsterdam based coffee house, Green House Coffeeshops as well as Green House Seed Company and Strain Hunters.

Mr Nice Seedbank mr nice smoke

R.I.P Mr Nice 13 August 1945 – 10 April 2016
R.I.P Mr Nice 13 August 1945 – 10 April 2016

Masters in Biology and a love of cannabis, Scott Blakey (  Shantibaba )

Visit Seedsman!

The Mr Nice Seed Bank is owned by Shantibaba, and incorporates the talents of another equally experienced breeder of exceptionally high quality, and operates with the collaboration of Howard Marks.
These three individuals command a huge wealth of experience in producing cannabis strains.
They have produced a large amount of the winning strains of cannabis since 1990, including such legendary strains as Northern Lights No. 5, NL5 x Haze, Super Silver Haze, White Widow, White Rhino, and White Shark.

Shantibaba explains what happened when a Welshman, two Australian cannabis breeders, and the best selection of old and new world cannabis varieties shared a small room.“Howard Marks (Mr Nice) and I (Shantibaba) met during the late 1990’s while I was living and working in Holland.

A few years previously (1995), I had set up the Greenhouse Seed Company. Coincidentally, at the same time, Howard was released from a lengthy imprisonment in the USA. During the next few years, we became very good friends and with the success of my breeding work and help from Neville Schoenmaker (the father of Dutch Seed banks), Howard and I discussed the possibility of working together. We decided to start a seed company to help growers throughout the world. Neville and I were already working together on various seed projects, growing and supplying certain strains to coffee shops as well as changing the uses and perceptions of cannabis.”

“In 1998, when Neville co-owned the Greenhouse coffeeshop in the Red Light Area, and I co-owned and worked the Greenhouse Seed co (since establishing it in 1994)…we decided to really try that year to do our best at the HTCC. Until then, Neville and I, operating as individuals, had won almost every prize awarded for cannabis breeding. On behalf of Greenhouse, we blitzed the 1998 HTCC, winning every prize other than that awarded for clothing. We came first and second in the overall HTCC. I did not particularly like the event so decided to retire from it that year.  coffeeshop greenhouse

Shortly afterwards, Neville also forego his interest in Greenhouse. MNS never entrusted plants to non-growers, including our ex-Dutch partners. Inevitably, confusion results when different companies use the same names for different sub-species, so MNS renamed them all. Seed companies’ most valuable assets are the original mother and father plants, which take many years to collect and select. Every seed company uses strains from particular parts of the world, but they differ greatly. MNS uses a collection of both Neville and Shantibaba’s plants, the most pedigreed cannabis plants ever bred. We established MNS, with its forty parent plants, to make strains and seeds available to all levels of growers in order to help them help us spread the genetic diversity of this miraculous plant.
Rather than joining any seed companies’ bandwagon by merely chasing money, Neville, Howard, and I dedicated our efforts to make old and new world seeds available for growers. We did not care how many seeds we sold or whether we had a profile in the limelight. We are daily users of cannabis, and the mother and father plants Neville and I have kept alive for the last twenty years are capable of producing every currently existing strain.”

The real history of 4:20url420


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Amsterdam King’s Day 27 April 2019

King’s Day in Amsterdam 27 April 2019

King’s Day ( Formerly Queen’s Day ) is the annual Dutch national holiday in honor of King Willem-Alexander. But it is especially a very good occasion to make a big party

If you like parties, make sure your visit to Amsterdam coincides with April 27 2019.

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Amsterdam where an average of 700.000 visitors join the 822.000+ locals in the world’s largest street party!

Many coffeeshops organize parties, do not hesitate! enter in coffeeshops! 
Street carnival, dancing and singing combined with the open air free market, selling and buying of all kinds of small objects by almost all Amsterdam citizens.
Traditionally the reigning monarch portraits are on display and streets are decorated with national Dutch flags and the color of orange, the traditional color of the monarchy and the symbol of Dutch patriotism.
Many any people dress up as the King or wear the King’s insignia, while almost all try to have an orange accent in their clothing.
This is also the day to eat in the streets exotic food Indonesian, Surinamese, Moroccan or Turkish and drink beer or orange juice.

King’s night
Festivities start already in the evening before the King’s Day, called appropriately the King’s Night.
Amsterdam clubs organize during the King’s Night special parties and concerts.
Celebrations continue to the morning of the King’s Day, and often do not stop for another whole day.

Kingsday Street Market / Free market (Vrije markt)
The Dutch, traditionally the nation of sailors and merchants, celebrate their most important national holiday with selling and buying of small unnecessary objects from their households.
The prices are mostly symbolic. Starting as early as 7 A.M., the whole city center becomes a street market.
Most of people are selling their stuff directly in front of their house.
Fun is the most important here – do not expect to buy anything of value.
The tradition is to negotiate about the price and it happens, especially when children are trading, that buyer raises the price to show the playful character of this festive business.
Market activities peak at 11 A.M. and end around 4 P.M.

Boat Parade / King’s Day on the canals
A festive boat parade takes place for several hours in early afternoon, usually along the Prinsengracht canal.
People dance on boats and on the shore.
Sometimes some boats stop at the shore and will be willing to invite you to their floating party. Check the actual info for the boat parade parkour.
Different Amsterdam areas on the King’s Day
In different parts of the city the festivities take different course of action:

Kingsday Street Performers Museumplein / pop concerts
Museumplein is a traditional place for a big open air pop and disco music festival.
A crowd of young people is listening, often camping on the grass of the square.
Vondelpark / kids market
Vondelpark becomes on the King’s Day the free market for kids. Only children may sell here their toys and books.
Children are performing here on different instruments they learn to play at school or at home. It is a custom to admire them all, also those who are just the absolute beginners.
Jordaan – crowded market with folk singers music
The old area of the Jordaan, traditionally poor district of the city but now trendy Amsterdam area, becomes on the King’s Day most crowded free market area.
Many folk singers are performing popular Amsterdam songs directly in the streets.
South Amsterdam / the biggest market


Area close to the streets Beethovenstraat, Stadionweg and Apollolaan in South Amsterdam (Amsterdam Zuid) becomes on King’s Day the biggest street market, with most of the shopkeepers opening their special King’s Day stands there.
Westermarkt and Reguliersdwaarstraat / Gay parties♥
The most important gay parties are held on the Westermarkt at the Homo Monument and at the Reguliersdwarsstraat, where gay clubs are, in a 10 minutes walking distance from Leidseplein.
Dancing there will usually start already in an evening before, during the King’s Night. 

Queen’s Day became with the succession on the Dutch Throne by Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands the King’s Day (Dutch: Koningsdag), celebrated on the day of His Majesty Birthday on April 27 each year. If this day falls on Sunday, the King’s Day will be celebrated on the Saturday day before!


Haarlem Alkmaar Zandvoort Best Coffeeshops

central station haarlem

Haarlem Alkmaar Zandvoort Best Coffeeshops 

Willie Wortel’s Indica / Koudenhorn 58

Willie Wortel’s Sativa (Frans Hals) / Kruisweg 46

WWSativa 2018 january

Willie Wortel’s Sinsemilla / Houtplein 16 

WW Sensimila 2018 may
Willie Wortel’s Indica Coffeeshop 24k 2017 december
next coffeeshop sensemilla haarlem 2017

Maximillian / Gedempte Oudegracht 123 

Maximillian 2018 march
Maximillian 2018 january Weed
Maximillien 2017 september

Regine / Gedempte Oudegracht 28 ++++ cool coffeeshop friendly smokers   

Regine 2019 april
Regine 2019 april
Regine 2019 march
Coffeeshop Regine 2018 may
Regine Weed 2017 april
Regine Hash 2017 april
regine hash 2016 december
regine weed 2016 december
Menukaart Coffeeshop Regine Haarlem Weed 2016 april
menu coffeeshop Regine Hash 2015 december
Regine Hash 2015 december
Regine Weed 2015 december
coffeeshop regine haarlem

Empire / Krocht 8 

coffeeshop theehuis join us, coffeeshop empire
coffeeshop Empire Haarlem 2017 june

Theehuis Join Us/ Smedestraat 25 

renovation ( closed ) coffeeshop Theehuis Join Us 2017 june
all coffeeshops in haarlem
from stationplein to birdy and key west coffeeshop haarlem
from birdy to key west coffeeshop haarlem
map dreamland

Join Us 2 / Schalkwijkerstraat 23
The Lounge / Doelstraat 29 

The Lounge 2017

Take Away  / Nassaulaan 54 

Menu april 2017 take away

Birdy / Schoterweg 19 ++++ very friendly coffeeshop next central station Haarlem, near car park Cronjé Parking


Parking couvert payant
Kleverlaan 12
Ouvert 24h/24
Birdy 2018 april Hash
Birdy 2018 april Weed
Birdy Weed 2017 october
Birdy Hash 2017 october

Hunter’s Coffeeshop Haarlem ( Key West ) / Schoterweg 66
THE SNOOP ( ex Liberty ) / Rijksstraatweg 198
Dreamland / Brouwers Plein 44 ++++ 

coffeeshp dreamland 2017 june
coffeeshop dreamland 2017 june
coffeeshop dreamland 2017 june

Sandman / Zomervaart 154 

Haarlem 2017 june
haarlem 2016
haarlem 2016

June and September are the best times to really enjoy Amsterdam

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Haarlem Coffeeshops Map

This will avoid flocks of tourists of the summer … Explore the area by train with a round-trip ticket.


trippy hot chocolate only for adult + 21
SPACECAKE only for adult + 21
POT POTION MARIJUANA only for adult + 21
DUTCH STROOPWAFEL only for adult + 21

Hotels & Hostels in Haarlem 

coffeeshop indica haarleem 2014
coffeeshop indica haarlem 2015